Jan 9 – ebook Publishing update

Posted: January 9, 2012 in All The Way Gone, English, Notice, Novel, Reading


OUT NOW For KINDLE Only $2.99!

That’s right! ALL THE WAY GONE, the first in the BROOKLYN HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION series is out now as an e-book, available for the KINDLE (you can also download a Kindle App for your smartphone – iPhone, Andriod, etc. – and the iPad).

There is a FREE sample of the first 30 pages, which are sure to pull you in and leave you wanting more. And for $2.99 you can have more – you can own the entire novel, hours of great reading, delivered to your Kindle in under a minute!

Hurry – Get Yours Today!

Click Here to go to the Amazon page, see what others are saying about ALL THE WAY GONE and start reading it NOW!

Click Here for the Nook version

Click Here for the iBookstore version

And, for the tech savvy, it is also available in other formats at Smashwords.com. Click Here for all digital formats.

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