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A native New Yorker, D. James Eldon has been writing fiction and poetry for more than 30 years.

After barely finishing high school, he chose to drink heavily and skip the college classes his friends were attending to join the Navy (which lasted less than 6 months). Returning to NYC he studied acting while working as a bouncer, then a waiter (possibly the worst waiter ever to have worked in a 3-star restaurant), and finally a bartender.

After cheating death more than once, he quit drinking, quit working in bars, and found himself an office gig. Having clear-headed time on his hands, he went back and read all those books he’d skipped in school. He fell in love with books by authors such as Don DeLillo, Paul Auster, Michael Ondaatje, the poetry of Pablo Neruda, and the short stories of Ernest Hemingway and Raymond Carver.

Driven to find more direct ways to express himself creatively, he began writing short stories and poetry, which he found infinitely more satisfying than acting.

After many years of writing part-time while supporting himself by working full time in the technology field, he quit the corporate world and began writing his first novel.

In 2006, he left NYC on a cross-country motorcycle trip. Though originally planning to return to NYC in a few weeks, he instead spent 4 years traveling the west on motorcycles, working odd jobs while continuing to write.

In 2008 a collection of his short stories was published in French, under the title, Made In New York by Zanzibar Editions. Late 2009 saw his first novel, All The Way Gone, published, in both English, and French (again, by Zanzibar Editions), under the title Sur Le Fil.

He returned to NYC in July 2010 and began writing Brooklyn Heat, the just released second novel in the Brooklyn Homicide Investigations.

His writing has been described as dark, funny, twisted, sparse, unconventional, character-driven pieces with crisp, realistic dialogue.

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And remember to check out the first Brooklyn Homicide Investigation:

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And don’t forget to take a look at the first chapter of the third book in the series, THE POPE’S GUARD, coming in 2017!

You can also find his poetry blog (co-written with his friend and mentor, Sebastien Doubinsky) at: www.disposablepoetry.com


D. James Eldon has been

writing fiction and poetry for over 2 decades. Originally from New York City he has spent the past few years living and writing in Los Angeles.

Throughout his life he’s worked as a bouncer, bartender and really bad waiter. After years working in technology, he quit his job, rode cross-country on his motorcycle and began writing his first novel.
Check out his poetry blog at http://www.disposablepoetry.com
  1. D. James,

    I enjoyed reading your poems on your Disposable Poetry blog, you have a very succinct and punchy style.

    I’m hoping that you might find the website link of interest.

    Feedback always gratefully received,


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